1. verb - take a shit
2. noun - a shit
1. Ben - I gotta take a shwam again
2. Me - You shwam all the damn time
by Snoopy To The D-O-double-G February 08, 2004
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Indication that you've just been owned.
Oh Shwam son, you want some ice with that burn????
by Woajsdkljfa January 14, 2008
A sex move, whenever you blow your load in someone's face or frontal area unexpectedly, you yell SHWAM! at the top of your lungs. Then tell them to clean up.
Girl: almost done?
boy: SHWAM!
by CYeole April 27, 2009
TRUE pronounciation of 'one', According to Group X
Two and a Heif
by Mr. Roboto April 01, 2005
A word you yell as an extremely hot chick passes by, followed by a pelvic thrust in here general direction. Originated from the movie Waynes World 2 by Dana Carvey.
Vince: Man that chick is so fine!
Wes: Show me your tits!
by Toolapc115 August 27, 2009
to hit something, or be hit with something.
Ashley: dude you just shwammed me in the chin with a bottle.
by shwamyou April 20, 2007
the act of hitting someone either over the head or in the back. After you do this, you say SHWAM!! loudly.
Boy 1 hits other boy in the head with hand

Boy 2: Ow, why the hell did you do that?

Boy 1: SHWAM!
by afreakforplanes March 19, 2009
A volleyball term for an attack coming from behind the back-row attack line. First popularized in late 2000's
Hey, on the next play, give me a SHWAM!
by MTSE February 18, 2009

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