to hit something, or be hit with something.
Ashley: dude you just shwammed me in the chin with a bottle.
by shwamyou April 20, 2007
Top Definition
Indication that you've just been owned.
Oh Shwam son, you want some ice with that burn????
by Woajsdkljfa January 14, 2008
A sex move, whenever you blow your load in someone's face or frontal area unexpectedly, you yell SHWAM! at the top of your lungs. Then tell them to clean up.
Girl: almost done?
boy: SHWAM!
by CYeole April 27, 2009
TRUE pronounciation of 'one', According to Group X
Two and a Heif
by Mr. Roboto April 01, 2005
A volleyball term for an attack coming from behind the back-row attack line. First popularized in late 2000's
Hey, on the next play, give me a SHWAM!
by MTSE February 18, 2009
A word you yell as an extremely hot chick passes by, followed by a pelvic thrust in here general direction. Originated from the movie Waynes World 2 by Dana Carvey.
Vince: Man that chick is so fine!
Wes: Show me your tits!
by Toolapc115 August 27, 2009
the act of hitting someone either over the head or in the back. After you do this, you say SHWAM!! loudly.
Boy 1 hits other boy in the head with hand

Boy 2: Ow, why the hell did you do that?

Boy 1: SHWAM!
by afreakforplanes March 19, 2009
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