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Synonymous to Douche. Comes from the word douchewad.
-Timmy stole my cookies; what a shwad.
-Spencer Pratt is such a shwad.
-He was acting shwadish.
by Inventor of Shwad December 28, 2009
The sexual act of hitting a women with your penis. Its an acronym form a rap song, used in a Chris Rock comedy special. The full acronym stands for "Smack Her With A Dick"
Ted: Last night the bitch was acting up so i Shwaded her to shut her up.

Jim: Hey Bitch! Dont make me Shwad you!
by AM & JP Productions January 10, 2011
it means whats up, or waddup
"nothing much, you?"
by Jasmine1234 February 18, 2010
Slap her with a dick
I shwaded her and let a line of cum on her face.
by Boom to doom October 20, 2008
Shwad is an undefined word that can be used in any situation, and I mean shwad situation.
Did you see the size of his shwad?

Don't shwad with your shwad.

Remember, only the shwaddy shwadder down the street.
by andrewpthorp December 26, 2008