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A word commonly used to described an accident occured during the process of masturbation, by either male, female or non-amphibious reptiles. Orginates from the Latin, Masturbus Shuzbunkus and adapted to English by the English wordsmith Tony Blair (a different Tony Blair, we already asked Kevin at Xtra Vision) Used in modern day terminology as a noun, verb and adjective and sometimes even a mixture of the two/three. Not to be confused with "very bad T-shirts" or a bus timetable. It should not be used at family gatherings or in front of anybody over the age of 75, to avoid potentially fatal excitement.

Examples of shuzbunks include 1) Friction Burns, 2) Getting caught by a parent/guardian/family pet, 3)falling pianos or 4) Paudy.

A recent example of a very bad shuzbunk can be found at

Famous victims of shuzbunking include Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand, Gary Glitter and more recently, Mr. Magners the alcohol man, who was found in a tree moments after shuzbunking in a frying pan (THAT RHYMED!!!!!)

Although the social stigma associated with shuzbunking is enough to drive many victims of shuzbunking into colonies, a craze for public shuzbunking has arisen in places such as Germany, Palestine Street Belfast and Tom Cruise's house.
I just had a very bad shuzbunk

Aww dude, you shoulda seen my shuzbunk last night. It was very bad!

Hey, did you hear about Tiffany? Apparently her shuzbunk was so bad she may never walk again, and she can only communicate using blinks
by Fr. Shuzbunk December 16, 2008
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