A fit,lean, sometimes well muscled woman who is sexually attractive. A word derived from the combination of the words she + hunk.
Did you see that shunk with the hot, tautly muscled ass on the beach?
by sheallee June 13, 2006
The term 'Shunk' has become synonymous with what one of a hygiene conscious persuasion would earnestly regard as a smelly, scruffy bastard. Its use originated from a family of smelly, scruffy bastards (with surname of 'Shunk') who used to live in the Sanfields area of Port Talbot. The more fortunate residents of Port Talbot who live in the neighbouring wards of Baglan, Margam, Taibach and Cwmavon regard all people living in Sandfields as shunks as they are all smelly, scruffy bastards. Sean Phelan is one such shunk, you probably remember him from being the only shunk in the band Aubrey Straw. You wouldn't want to be a shunk, oh no!
You fucking shunk! (Singular) You fucking shunks! (plural)
by Lord Caradog August 31, 2007
to slap someone very hard with your dick when you have a boner
I just shunked that really hot girl right in the butt.
by Strazar January 16, 2011
The flap of fat that connects the lower ass to the upper thighs
Spencer: Damn man that girl has nasty shunk!

Max: Don't talk about Kim Kardashian like that!
by Munchmicuchi September 29, 2014
n. a slurry of faeces and spermatozoa. A portmanteau word, combining shit and spunk. Alloyed where the sun don't shine, its sole destiny, it would seem, is to seek The Light.
Terry squirmed in the chair, as another shift of shunk claimed a third pair of panties.

What goes up, must come down, mused Nicky as another ooze of shunk arrived.

Passion spent, Desire defunct; all that's left is dust and shunk.
by jdxyzzy June 01, 2010
very uncool
you are very shunk
by buttsnicker March 13, 2010
(Noun)Shunk & (Adjective)Shunky.
An individual that is super uncool or Annoying.Shunk stands for Sh(Super)-un(not)-Cool.Mega can be added before the word to make more emphasis on the word shunk.
That guy is a total Shunk!

Blake does the Shunkiest things!

He thinks he is so cool, but actually he is a mega shunk.

by PutoMaximus April 22, 2009

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