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1.Shucks is a portmanteau of the words "shit" and "fuck". Instead of saying "shit-fuck", you'd say "shucks".
Way of expressing disappointment without saying something overtly rude.
2.Also a way of saying someone is not very good in bed.
1."Shucks, i can't believe i forgot the milk!"
"Shucks, that was a bad film."
2.Person #1- "Heard you and Stacy hooked up, how was she?"
Person #2- "She was a bit of a Shucks really..."
by Joe Wilcox June 26, 2007
1. (v) To remove the husk from an ear of corn
2. (v) Any of several physical acts involving tumescent male genitalia, typically in the Old South
3. (n) Corn husk
Viola asked her man, "Who's been schuckin' my corn?".
by Narmour & Smith July 26, 2005
1. To express disappointment, and/or used in reaction to an unfortunate event.
2. Used in reaction to flattery/compliment(s).
Oh shucks, we've run out of milk!

Person A) You look wonderful today. Person B) Aw, shucks!
by Evan November 15, 2004
Background: Backwoods
Definition: Interjection, used to express modesty.
Aw, shucks, Huck, you didn't have to say all them awfully nice things about me.
by Wesley B. April 04, 2005
V. A sexual act which involves pressing the tounge, at a horizontal angle, against the inside of your partners vagina (creating an airtight seal) and withdrawling it quickly enough to resut in an auidible "popping" sound.
I shucked your mom at mightnight on New Years, but nobody could tell because of the champagne bottles being opened
by DTD TW March 03, 2014
a fraud, a rip off, or something bogus
The elections were a total shuck.
by Faiella November 12, 2007
A major form of shunning, meaning you cannot talk, or use motions to communicate to anyone or anything.
You have just been shucked.

You were shunned, now you're shucked.
by prplviking007 October 26, 2011
Female masturbation.

Adapted from its original meaning of "to shell a clam or oyster".
Yeah? Go shuck yourself!
by shanefl March 17, 2006