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To get raped in a fruit field or under an apple tree, usually by a small adorable creature, who doesn't seem like they are capable of such an action. A man or woman can Shuckle-Buck you, but it's not likely.
Did you hear Tommy got Shuckle-Bucked after work on Tuesday? Yea, he cut his hand on a Pineapple, that shit is all over You Tube.
by Scoot Shabalzo October 28, 2011
4 0
When preforming sex with the chick on top and she comes down wrong and splits your dick like a hotdog in a microwave.
"Fuck I had to get 35 stiches because that bittie came down wrong and split my schlong like a frank in the micro, and shucklebucked my manhood"
by Tod Swank December 19, 2006
5 1