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feeling up a girl that got jelly roles as big as mountains (you get major mileage."
(you must say it in a high pitch tone)
please I will pay you to give me a shu -shu
by big bertha(roach) February 17, 2003
Having the urge to go pee. Another word for having to go to the washroom. Cute way of saying "pee" in Polish.
Aleks: "I have to go shushu!"
Aneta: "Okay let's go shushu!"
by Shushugirl February 18, 2012
A cute boy with beautiful eyes and a great smile.
That boy is so cute! He must be a Shushu :)
by lycheefruit January 03, 2012
This is kind of a way to say " shhhh". It's like to ask for silence .
"shu shu callate vos"
"shushushu you don't know what i'm talking about"
by El Edah Mas Piola July 28, 2009
Name of a Lawn Gnome who plans to dominate the world from the ground up.
"Shu-Shu pwns newbs"
by Shu-Shu the Lawn Gnome April 19, 2005
Chinese name primarily for females meaning comfort or flexibility.
Shu Shu has a calming and wonderful presence.
by vehementoolbox May 23, 2010
shitty, no good..........
Fakin beach was shu shu today.
by juicestain May 07, 2007
feeling down a girl's ass area, specially if it's large
ugh, don't shu-shu my girlfriend
by Johnnay Hwoongg March 03, 2003