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While this term has had many definitions since the early 1980's, today it is used to refer to a person that is the alpha male among a pack. Shrocky is not a fixed term, each group refers to its Shrocky with its own varient of the name i.e. ShrockyDubbs, ShrockyStar
"Hey, he's The Shrocky, don't f**k with him, you'll get put in your place"
by Shrocky January 27, 2005
A man with pubes long enough to cover his tiny wang.
That dude over there must be Shrocky.
by Neofeen March 28, 2015
The worst kind of unstable. It's both shaky and rocky at the same time. Best used to describe relationships that are on and off multiple times in a day.

It can also means a certain point in a person's life when he/she is really vulnerable.
Have you heard about Jane and Francis after the whole "I caught you with another woman" ordeal? Man, their relationship is shrocky as hell!

Hi Angely! I heard you just got over a very shrocky part in your life. Kudos!
by koyaai January 21, 2015
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