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a gorgeous girl with a creative mind and insecurity. She likes to entertain people with jokes and facial expressions. She cant help being sexy
BOB: hey did u see that new girl?

Chelsea: OMG i did she's such a shriva! :)
by Robert Franchez November 13, 2011
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a type of person who can't keep their mouth shut.. as they are unable to control their bodily functions. they lack the ability to connect their central nervous system to the muscles in their mouth. This leads to spasms in the muscles in the mouth, leading to abnormalitiesin the way they speak..
Teacher: who knows the answer to x^2 + 1 ?
a shrivas: I come from india, and pakistan.. i'm stupid, because i got caught in the cross fire.

Laura: I can't tell her anything cz shes a right shrivas.
by w-ill-k-i-y-ou June 07, 2009

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