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A word invented by Denis O Riordan to describe both the skrinking and the wrinkling of an object, the word was created using combinational logic combining both shrinks and wrinkles to create an entirely new word
After getting out of the bath i had the shrinkles

if a astronaut loses oxygen in space their head will shrinkle
by DeusXv January 05, 2011
The combination of the words "shrink" and "wrinkle," used mainly to describe articles of clothing.
Those pants are shrinkle resistant - they won't shrink or wrinkle!
by Dana_S July 29, 2005
The action that happens to a man's balls when he enters a cold pool or it is cold outside.
Dude! You said the pool was heated. My balls totally just shrinkled.
by B Dyal February 06, 2008
The physical reaction the body has when disappointed or defeated characterized by slumping of the shoulders, pouty lips, down cast eyes and hanging of the head.
If one is craving beans from Way To Go restaurant and upon ordering the waiter says we are out of our famous beans. The waiter could see me shrinkle after hearing the news.
by PedRitss December 26, 2009
when the sun shrinks and burns something like skin or an egg on a hot skillet and makes a crinkling noise
the sun is a shrinkle machine, it is shrinkling me as we speak!!!!
by yo momma beoch March 28, 2010
when ones item wrinkles and shrinks at the same time
After swimming in the pool I suffered from shrinkle dick.

I left my clothes in the dryer to long and now they are all shrinkled
by eyerash August 13, 2007
What happens to a guy's mansack when exposed to cold weather or water.
You said this pool was heated! My balls totally just shrinkled.
by Charlie McButterpants February 06, 2008
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