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A driver that hangs a small symbol of protection from their rear view mirror; usually a very poor driver and often found in the fast lane of most US metro highways going impossibly slow.
Sorry I'm late, but I got stuck behind a dozen shriners on the way over here.
by toniwithaneye May 07, 2009
Lighting a cigarette the wrong way.
Lighting a cigarette on the filter end rather than the tobacco end.
Someone accidentally lighting a cigarette on the end on the filter resulting in ruining the cigarette, which is the act of performing a Shriner.
by huggiesfromdubv December 15, 2010
An individual who outright judges and looks down upon others for their choice to indulge in drugs, alcohol or sex. Typically seen in individuals who uphold strict religious morals.
Betty is such a shriner. She lectured me for 15 minutes yesterday about how I'm going to ruin my life if I ever smoke again!
by Zach May 13, 2005
A very stingy and selfish person.
"I can't believe that guy cut you off. He's such a shriner."
by hughmonger November 12, 2003
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