SMALLLLLLLLLLL village of animals in south-central Pennsylvania south of york filled with Baltimore-wannabees that have never lived anywhere close to the actual city of Baltimore. The whitest place on earth. Filled with hood posers who think they are G-d up, think they're sparsely-populated neighborhoods are "ghetto" just because none of the buildings rise above 1 story, and are all rich stupid white trash.

The coolest people in Shrewsbury are the normal people who were raised there. Actualy, most of the fags there move there from the SUBURBS of Baltimore, NEVER the city. That is why they are all hood posers. Common places of ancestry in the place include, but are not limited to : "P-hall!!(Perry Hall...),Dirty D(dundalk...),Woodlawn my nigga!(i lived in cationsville but im going to act like im from woodlawn cuz its the same thing except with some rich black people).

Most of these people are stuck-up, think they are either rich or poor, when all of them are actualy just middle class. People here are EXTREMELY racist, with the only black people there living in Big houses by the "Wal-Mart", which, by the way, is the #2 hangout spot there, next to the "Townhouse hood" down the road (god please save me).

Almost everybody there does drugs, for they are rich and have not a care in the world and have the money to spend on them from their mommy and daddys' wallets. Everybody drives nice cars, except for about 3 people, whom are all white trash. Yet they are still RICH. WTF??!! There are redneck POSERS TOO!! WTF!!! They claim to be redneck yet don't even have the true heritage of a redneck; they just call themselves that to make up for the fact they live in the MIDDLE OF FUCKIN NOWHERE!!!

The public high school, susquehandoncock, could literally be considered a Private Rural County school, with only 3% of the students needing reduced lunch. There are TWELVE minority students out of a school of 1,300. TRY TO SAY THAT IN MARYLAND, SEE HOW HARD THEY THINK U R PUNKS...
FUCK SHREWSBURY fuck you hood poser faggots come to all our neighborhoods down here and get fuked up u fukin wigger-ass faggots punkass pussies u are all clowns i laugh at ur tactics
by YOUR MOMs FACE November 21, 2007
Top Definition
A town located in MA, very near worcester. Complete suburbian hell, filled with rich snobby white kids and about 5 black kids. Aka : The Bury.
Most children from "The bury" are either total preps or are white kids trying to be black and thuggish.
The Shrewsbury highschool club of black history has about 3 black kids, and 30 white kids in it.
by Lindsaya October 04, 2007
A small village that regularly floods and is located in Shropshire, too close really to Wolverhampton for most people's liking. The town is also nicknamed "Salop", however none of the locals seem to know why. Many refer to it as "The Shire".
Shrewsbury repeatadly floods every day, and the football team have recently re-trained themselves to become water polo players.
by Jonny Winter January 21, 2007
A city in Central MA, bordering Worcester,MA, a bunch of white kids, maybe 9 black kids in the high school. In general, kids are either preps or white "gangstas" Weed is common, and many claim they do, and can get harder drugs such as ecstasy, cocaine, etc. yet about 3 kids have access to it. Towns flooded with mids, danks are rare and expensive.

Sometimes nicknamed "Snoozebury" because there is no place to have fun, therefore we smoke weed instead. Theres AMF bowling alley, which is fun maybe twice a year. If your desperate you make the 20min. ride to solomon pond mall, but stay away from greendale mall, shits scary.
Im so fucking bored, theres nothing to do in Shrewsbury (aka Snoozebury), lets just smoke weed.
by Snoozebury July 20, 2009
this town onthe jersey shore. none of the people look or talk anything like the jersey shore people. most of the boys think their cool and hang out with the little silver girls. they all try to be cool and hang out at markam but nobody wants them there. also they hang out behind the park and think their cool because they get drunk. most of the girls are backstabbing bitches. their is one k-8 school and everybody in the town absoutly hates it. they all have iphones and get cars right when they can drive. everybidy knows everybodies buisness because of the stupid gossiping moms. most of the moms have their own facebooks so they can "check up" with their kids who are acting like sluts right in front of their faces. this one by one town is literally the definintion of small town shit
oh you live in shrewsbury.....i feelsorry for you
by sbs1234567890 August 22, 2012
a speck on the globe where white people send their children to school and build identical neighborhoods...where shrews live.
shrews are from shrewsbury.
by poaskpokkk July 08, 2006
Shrewsbury is a town full of crackheads, slags and most of its teenage population are sleeping around.
Shrewsbury is a shitty town
by lamar x x April 02, 2014
A suburban town in Central MA, bordering Worcester,MA, also known as "The Bury". Theres nothing really to do except smoke weed, get wasted, get "Jammed" or be a "white city rat". Sucks to be the kid smoking mids, in a town full of your so called wanna be gangsters and rich preppy ass partiers comes "dank" quality weed as the cool kids would say. We keep it simple either you have headies or indo, if its anything less than that u get robbed for sucking at life.

Hard drugs aren't difficult to come by; we border Worcester for gods sake it only takes one call, just a very small handful have the balls, connections or are stupid enough to do or get them. There are about 10 black kids in the entire town, they would of been better off being white. Theres very little in this town to be proud of. Theres never anywhere to go so most nights end up being trashed in a parking lot, or burnt the fuck out
-Shrewsbury blows theres never anything to do!
-Lets smoke another blunt
-Alright i got 5 on it. again.
by ScrewWhiteCityRats December 06, 2011
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