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The word used in place of 'girls'. Created by some pretty chill Bros, the word 'shreem' is used as a non-derogatory term to replace 'girl' 'chick' 'ho' 'bitch' and so on. Can also be used in a plural form.
"My friends and I met this totally awesome shreem. It was chill" or "Dude, the shreems at this bar are totally bangin!
by Shreem2010 July 01, 2010
the girl form of bro. used to identify a chill girl.
Bro 1: 'Sup shreem.
Shreem 1: 'Sup bro

Bro 1: Yo bro, did u see that shreem over there. I'd shread that shreem any day!
Bro 2: Bro, that's my sister...
by belltour'10 July 04, 2010
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