fellatio performed by someone currently wearing braces
I got head from Flo today, but it was more like shread than head.
by florence lawrence April 09, 2008
Top Definition
Literally a hybrid of (or short for) Shitty Dreads. When a person has those nasty, un-cared for dread locks and doesn't seem to care that they look like a bum.
Dude: "Omg man, check out the Shreads on that guy!"

Friend: "Ohhh hell no, what's he think he looks like?!?!"

Dude: "Roflmao!"
by St0rmBreaker June 25, 2009
pronounced as reading with a shhh at the beggining.

the act of reading while taking a shit.
Joe - Man I gotta shit, but this book is really good.
John - Dude just go shread.
Joe - Fuck, your right.
by Jake Motha Fuckin Dickson December 07, 2008
In which to shred the gnar.
"dude lets go shread!"

by Deanage282 April 03, 2008
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