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A compound of "Crappy" and "Shitty." Meaning is the same, but one may get away with expressing those same feelings without actually cussing in this case.
I was in a shrappy mood after I was fired from Debbie's Sex Emporium.
by bobo the monkey March 18, 2003

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To defecate into a toilet so furious that it looks like a bomb went off, leaving shrapnel inside and outside of the toilet. Otherwise known as the Buffalo Wild Wings explosion. Another form of Shrappy is when a male tosses the salad afterward which is known as Bath Night.
Beth's nickname is Shrappy because she leaves particles (AKA Shrapnel) of excrement inside and outside of the toilet after she defecates in the work bathroom. I hope it is not Bath Night tonight.
by James Peterson January 23, 2008