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When you get an erection in the shower, probably because you constantly masturbate whilst in their or because you just soaped up ur penis and balls and the massaging made it harden.
While I was having a shower, I took a handful of liquid soap and rubbed it all over my penis. The sensation was awsome and I got a Shower Tower in seconds. I was like hey why not. I wanked off nice and fast with my lubricated dick and the orgasm was great as I didnt have to worry about where the jizz flew.
by Callum69 June 13, 2009
The action of Eifel Towering a girl while in the shower
Guy 1: Dude Andy and I Eifel Towered a bittie last night.
Guy 2: Oh yeah, well me and Tony Eifel Towered a bittie in the shower.
Guy 1: Shower Tower, no way!
by PerfectStorm May 05, 2009
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