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A game played on chat roulette.

Two people play by asking people to do obstacles.The game rules are that your cam doesn't show while asking other people to do a task on their cam. It always starts out with asking someone to show their bum. The person who wins is the person who can get someone to do the most obstacles.

After you get someone to show their bum that person ads a task to the game. Then you go to a new person and have them complete each obstacle that's been added from the beginning in that order.
How to play Show Your Bum
You show up with a blank cam and ask a person to show their bum.
The person shows and then ads a rule. Like touch your nose.
Then you go to another cam and ask the next person to show their bum and then ask them to touch their nose.
If they do both obstacles they ad another task.
You keep repeating this.

The winner is the person who can get someone to do the most obstacles or set number of obstacles.
by onlineandbored December 28, 2011

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