Top Definition
An awful drawing of a penis
"dude what are you drawing on Jason?"
"I'm drawing a huge dick!"
"Man that looks more like a Shovel Dick."
by Buttfucker23 May 04, 2009
The English translation for para la pinga....Meaning go to hell...or Fuck
The other day I stubbed my toe and screamed..agghh shovel dick.
by Tripod36 July 10, 2008
The act of placing a shovel handle between one's legs to mimick a penis.
Exhausted from packing an entire landing under the influence of pineapple 4loko, the innebriated sasquatch whipped out the old shoveldick for some comic relief at the trails.
by Sassy Sasquatch November 22, 2013
When you pull out of a girls ass and you have shit caked on you foreskin, you are said to have a bad case of shovel dick. This is because your dick now looks like a shovel after you've been digging a whole with it.
Mark had shovel dick after a night out with his mother.
by Captain Nipply February 26, 2009
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