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A makeshift pipe to smoke weed out of. It is made from a waterbottle with one hole near the base and another hole 3/4 of the way up 1/4 turn around from the first hole. The top of the bottle is then covered with foil and holes are poked in it, preferably with a needle.

To use, suck through the bottom hole while using the top hole as a carb. You may need someone else to light you at first, pros do not.
Shotty bottles are the best way to smoke, you get the biggest hits and giant clears too. Also, a retard can make one in about 2 minutes and they're free.
by TheLumbahjack September 12, 2006
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a plastic drinks bottle with 2 holes in it, a joint or better a blunt is poked into one of the holes, with your finger over the other hole suck gently and let the thick smoke accumulate in the bottle so it has a liquid look (this is known as creaming). when satisfied with the ammount of smoke in the bottle remove the joint and your finger and suck in, prepare to cough and feel burning
onlooker - mate that shotty bottle is so creamy your going to die

*creamer draws it into his lungs

creamer - cough cough cough
by ('-')¬s June 17, 2011

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