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A rare breed of bear indigenous to the English woodlands. Whilst Shottons generally live in the wild, some are domesticated and have been known to achieve feats such as photography degrees. Shottons tend to have green facial hair, long head hair, and are of large build. They feed primarily on pies and do not like fruit. Shottons love music.

A strong and steady creature that takes life at its own pace. Some say that when a Shotton looks you lovingly in the eyes you feel pure joy and happiness within yourself.
"We were hiking through the woods and came across a wild Shotton eating some flowers. We gave him a pie and he said we were 'e-mence like'."

"A sleeping Shotton was blocking the entrance to the cave. RPG style we played some music and it woke up and started dancing, allowing us to proceed on our adventure."
by ShottonLiberationFront April 26, 2007
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