Short Arm Sybdrome (also known as S.A.S) refers to a person with short arms. Not abnormally short arms just generally short arms. Usually associated with Short Everywhere Syndrome; refering to a short person. Agian not an abnormally short perosn just short.
I can't reach it I suffer from SAS, Short Arm Syndrome.
When a persons arms are just to short to reach something.
If someone is discribing someone and says "they were short, about your hieght actually." You probally have Short Arm Syndrome.
by KottonMouthQueen17KMK February 09, 2008
Top Definition
The term that refers to the condition of a person who is so obese that their arms cannot reach their back side, making it impossible for them to effectively clean themselves after deficating. (A person who is so fat that they cannot wipe their ass.)
That fat guy smells like shit because he has Short Arm Syndrome.
by Dr. Thaddeus July 10, 2009
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