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The incoherent babble issuing forth from the mouth of an extremely intoxicated person. Most often experienced in the company of an ecstasy user who is ate up (coming down hard).

Derived from the popular Salad Shooter "As Seen On TV" product, which was remarkable for its ability to process any vegetable into a flying stream of salad toppings.
Man, that dude is shooting salad! He just told me, "Bunny loafer gizmo found leaf order instituted."
by kilsek January 06, 2005
To talk smack in order to impress others
"Look at Mark shooting salad all over those girls"
by DCmonkey July 16, 2008
When a person talks just to hear themselves talk ... nobody cares about what they are saying because it doesn't make any sense or is untrue.
Sam was shooting salad last night at the bar ...She was talking about Veronica because she doesn't like her.
by jackithepi December 20, 2015
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