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Shoogaloo can be used in a sentence whether being completely random, or just throwned in the middle of conversation of awkwardness. Shoogaloo can be shouted out of nowhere for the fun of it.
Girl: this one time i was at the store & then BAM ! Shoogaloo. Unbelievable!

by JENNNNNIFAAH. July 08, 2010
A shoogaloo is not just your best friend, they are your BFF.
Girl #1: You're my shoogaloo for life.
Girl #2: AWW! Let's run through the wildflowers together!
by RWeiss27 March 27, 2016
A Shoogaloo is more than just your best friend. It's your BFF.
Hey girl, you're my Shoogaloo for life!
by RWeiss27 March 27, 2016
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