SouthEastern Virginia term for haircut that is short on top and long in the back, i.e. mullet
I went to the hair cuttery and asked for layers, but they gave me a sho-lo!!! I look like Billy Ray Cyrus!!
by Cellista December 01, 2005
Top Definition
A word invented by some college students as a joke to the japanese language meaning Shut-up.
Example 1# "You should Sholo!!"

Example 2~ "Sholo Fat Boy!"
by Ramox90, KuroKun April 06, 2009
A person of Latin descent who is Jewish. A portmanteau/ combination of cholo and shalom.
What's with the new kid not eating carnitas? Oh, he's a sholo.
by BellaJosefina March 04, 2015
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