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A dump that is of such impressive qualities (whether girth, length, odour or texture) that to simply flush it away would be unthinkable. It is therefore carefully transferred from the porcelain bowl to a suitable receptacle (such as a shoebox). At this stage, one can use the shoebox to demonstrate the excellent qualities of said turd to one's partner / family / co-workers or simply people you pass in the street.
Matt - Has anyone seen Rusty this morning? We're late for a meeting.
Dan - about 20 minutes ago. He was heading towards trap 1 with a newspaper tucked under his arm and an empty shoebox.
Matt - OK. When you see him, make sure to ask him to bring that Shoebox Special with him to the meeting. I think it will really start the meeting off on the right footing.
by Rusty Gash February 03, 2010
Typically a girl but can be a boy who goes to Uni at 18 and has no clue about life. Specifically, they have no idea about sex and are general muppets.
" That freshie is a 'shoe box special' "
" I've just met a girl and she's a right 'shoe box special' "
" He's a 'shoe box special' "
" She's a 'shoe box special' "
by Crispy :P January 18, 2010
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