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The act of inserting someone else's foot into your body cavity, normally the anus or vagina, for the purpose of stimulation and, eventually, climax.
I woke up and I couldn't move my legs. The guy from last night had woken up before me and was shoehorning me. After a couple minutes, he came on my shin, then left my apartment.
by TheVirtualTaco April 05, 2012
After a night of heavy, HEAVY drinking, a girl wants to have sexual congress with you. However, your pink crayon isn't up to the task. You're determined, however, and decide to cram Ol' Floppy inside of her. You're determined to get it up, but it ain't happening. You keep flaccidly stabbing away with zero results. She goes home deeply disappointed.
"I tried shoe-horning my 'flaccie' inside of her last night, but no go."
by Weiner Tits January 01, 2014
The act of forcibly inserting ones knob, shaft and entire scrotum into an unsuspecting and unwilling females vaginal canal.
I needed to go more than balls deep in this slammin' hottie... So I ended up shoe-horning her.
by Mozzz January 11, 2014
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