the art of preforming the shocker while enjoying a beer and a bratwurst...ziggy sackie ziggy sackie woo! woo! woo!
dude , i almost switched up hands with the beer and the shocker! not good on the brat.shout.."shocktoberfest!"
by dr fupa December 05, 2007
Top Definition
the act of performing the shocker while drinking a beer and munching a bratwurst
"Dude, lastnight i pulled off the shocktoberfest on heidi,
didnt spill my beer but got brat on her ass!"
by dr fupa November 15, 2007
the art of performing the shocker while enjoying a beer and soft pretzel!!!
"Tom, whats with all the mustard and beer on your sheets?
"Dude i snuck up on on mojo and got her with the shocktoberfest..she jumped and spilled my beer!"
by dr fupa December 11, 2007
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