1. To completely overpower or crush an opponent with brute force.

2. To be humiliated or ran over when standing your ground.

3. To dominate.

(See PwN)

Derived from the New York Giants Player: (Jeremy) Shockey.
Spectator A: "Did you see that guy get run over!?"

Spectator B: "Yeah! He sure got shockied."
by Ronald J. Gagne Jr. August 24, 2005
Top Definition
The father of all Bullshit
Jai Eazy: 'That's Bullshit Shockey'
by Prokiller_226 April 24, 2010
1. To tattle like a child
2. To snitch
3. To react like a little bitch when you don't get your way
Jeremy shockeyed on me to my girlfriend about my weekend in Vegas in order to win her over. It didn't work.
by nola_me March 21, 2012
The act of grabbing someones butt and squeezing.
Usually done to girls by guys, resulting in a squeak or sometimes a slap from the girl. Emoticon for a shockey is 8O
Bob totally just shockey'd Jane, and she was suprised.
by shocked16 March 28, 2010
a male who's penis tends to curve to the left.
(as two girls are turning left at a stop sign)

girl:look girl
girl 2:what.!?
girl:were taking a shockey
by Gesikuh and Genuh June 12, 2008
The act of choking in a tense situation.
"Man,I thought he was gonna come through for us, but he wimped out and pulled a Shockey."
by Nuke Baby May 05, 2005

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