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Kick Ass!! Or cool! Something wicked awesome! The best
Dude, I got so fuckin stoned over the weekend...

by Big Rog. February 07, 2005
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an expression used to show ones feelings of happiness or pleasure.

not to be confused with the word "snoogans" that jay uses in kevin smith movies, which is a term used for meaning just kidding.
"Shnoogans! That was good pie!"
by excentricpsychopuppy August 18, 2006
Punching a guy in the balls. Weirdly named, rarely seen, since most people prefer to kick, it's more painful and less creepy. ^^
"Hey Carl, want a shnoogan?"
by [dollface] May 19, 2006
used to express that you are not serious about your previous statement, and to tell someone to chill out about it.
"Becka's such a whore,dude.Why do you go out with her?"
"SHNOOGANS dude, shnoogans!"
by Spazzle Dazzle March 19, 2005
Little Person, Midget, Or Small Child
Please leave my shnoogan alone or he shall bite you
by k July 05, 2003
To take a small amount of something.
Can I have a shnoogans of your soda.
by hock beanzs May 01, 2003

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