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striaght crunk beyond belief
Last night oxy, purp and patron got me straight shmammerd
by C. Moss January 31, 2008
Shmammerd- a cross between shit faced and hammered.
Shmammered person says to the fuzz: "Awciferr blow this" (as the shmammerd person grabs their junk)

Shmammerd person says: "Hey tender bar drink me a grab"
by Natty Light3 December 28, 2012
your past hammerd, your past smashed.

your both.


also when your too drunk to say one... there for you are both
"im so shmammerd i can't even talk"

ways to know your shmammerd "I swear to drunk osipher im not god"

by felicia_Greek mafia January 14, 2007