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Used to describe a person who is very drunk. A combination of several discribing words.
"Dude, You are so shmamered!"
by Yanna May 23, 2007
Hammered; very drunk.
And by four in the afternoon I was right shmamered.

Man I'm shmamed.
by A.A.Milne March 16, 2005
The act of drinking SoCo and Dr. Pepper to the point that you are too intoxicated to function properly and/or remember anything you just did.
What happened last night?" "You got shmamered last night and threw everything around that you could get your hands on.
by spooby October 10, 2010
1. getting shit faced drunk
2. getting totally high
3. rockin out with your cock out
4. doing random people
5. group orgies
1. we're getting shmamered tonight
2. did you go to that shmamer fest the other night?
by Manda && Tay July 07, 2006
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