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A pitiful guy, or sometimes girl, who may spill on himself a lot. One that makes mistakes, clumsy. Has a hardtime gettin' ahead. Winner of a Darwin award. Alt spelling: schlub
The poor shlub...he didn't know it was loaded.
by GaelicSpeakingSheepDude April 09, 2009
34 27
Working class man who is taken advantage of by management
Don't ask me, I'm just a poor shlub
by Miguel February 16, 2005
72 17
a person of absolute uselessnes
dude the Big Dizz called off again, what a shlub
by superchevycamaro October 12, 2010
10 6
Someone who can't spell schlub
* Derr you're a shlub.

* Yeah, well you're a schlub.
by manhattantransfer November 28, 2012
0 1
someone who chills and drives an s-10,drinks hamms,and eats weird shit
damn, that fools a shlub!
by macks all October 12, 2007
11 39
An obese, or fat penis. Like a chode, the difference being a shlub is longer, but still very fat.
"Goddamn, i hate carrying around this shlub!"
by Mr. 7.5 April 01, 2007
11 41
An ugly person
That man is so ugly, he's a shlub!
by Mick March 21, 2004
23 54