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Popular term among cruiseship crew with multiple meanings:
1 Drinking "bottoms up" style
2 Hitting something / someone
3 Getting beaten / smashed
4 Finishing the job quickly
5 Cutting / chopping something
6 Rough sex
7 Breaking rules
8 explosion
many more related meanings
and sometimes: it just means Shlack
1 Got some Vodka from under the counter. Wanna Shlack?
2 I just wanna Shlack the babalu across the face!
3 The wawes were Shlacking the side of the ship all nite
4 Lets go guys, shlack shlack so we can go to crewbar
5 Shlack - Shlack - Shlack need say more?
7 Listen, stop shlackin around ok?
8 - - - = = = x x x S H L L A A A C K K ! ! ! x x x = = = - - -
#schlack #slakk #slákk #shlaque #shalock
by alacartouche April 24, 2014
n. a pair of pants that are made of a rubber based material that allow you to shit in them without anyone around you knowing.
Sure we can go to Taco Bell, I'm wearing my shlacks.
#shit #pants #shart #poo #fart
by Rod Ballsacula January 09, 2011
Rhymes with Skelack but is totally unrelated. This is a practice where the victims asscheeks are closed shut with Plaster of Paris. Usually the outcome of returning a car with less gas then when you left, /q'ing during an epic raid or hitting on a guy that one of your friends is after. (See sleepover)
"Oh god, vapor lock!"
by Ezrielli February 12, 2003
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