to shizzle a nizzle. fuck go learn english, retard.
man: do you want to shizzle my nizzle?
me: fuck no. fuck off you fucking loon.
by Akuneko the Sly August 04, 2004
A phrase made by rappers who weren't creative enough to think of a solid rhyme
Dang...shizzle my nizzle dawg.
by Bakery Doodle April 06, 2003
basically means..Shit my Nigga..

all the other definitions 4 it on ere are wrong..
keisha: omg jason just got robbed!

jemal: shizzle my nizzle..lets kick yard an tell his brother
by xxitsstokesybabexx August 25, 2008
This is a verb. To shizzle my nizzle means to take a salt shaker (aka shizzle) and have it expel its sodium-rich innards over someone's belly button. (aka navel, which leads to nizzle.) Shizzling someone's nizzle is a great sign of respect in many countries. Just don't do it in Italy. Ho boy... trust me.
He shook hands then shizzled my nizzle.
by The Me October 23, 2004
Once upon a time there was a man called bob. Now bob liked his occasional bud, one day he ran out. Geoff happened to be with him at the time. Bob said "fo' shizzle my nizzle", Geoff ran to the local chemists and fetched Bob some more bud. Well..mary didnt like the fact that geoff went, she had longed to go to the local chemists, but never had the chance. So while Bob weren't looking she spade Geoff over the head and dragged his body 2 miles to nearest graveyard, and buried him. When Bob said "fo' shizzle my nizzle" the next day, he was expecting Geoff. There was no sign of Geoff, so he said it louder, still no sign. All of a sudden Mary came running back from the local whore house and said "ill go!!". She ran and ran and ran until....she got trampled over by en elephant. Bob never did get any more bud after that, and if you listen you can still hear his ghost shouting "fo' shizzle my nizzle".
Bob: fo' shizzle my nizzle
Geoff: (no answer)
Mary: (no answer)
by Mr. T October 20, 2004
suck my dick
Yo shizzle my nizzle
by fresh January 14, 2004
Suck my big fat cock
Hey Beyonce, shizzle my nizzle bitch!
by B_baller June 13, 2003

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