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When something so amazing happens that you shit and jizz your pants at the exact same time.
Guy #1 - Last night was so awesome i almost shizzed
Guy #2 - Almost?
by forgetyou23 October 03, 2010
3 1
Verb- When you reach an orgasm and you accidentally crap out your ass.
Frat Guy #1- "I was hooking up with that slut and I really had to take a shit so I decided just to finish, and when I jizzed I jizzed so hard a little bit of shit came out"

Frat Guy #2- "Dude you totally SHIZZED! It's when you jizz and a little bit of shit comes out
by Houston March 30, 2009
14 2
Basically means sent to the crapper. Its for use as past tense of something bad.
Our business just got shizzed.
by BizMan April 11, 2006
7 6
To explain being super coked out.
Wow guys this is good shit. I'm super shizzed.
by Knowinggg April 06, 2009
1 3