verb: to simultaneously jizz, and shit at the same time
" I shizzed my pants"
by NIGHTW4TCH July 11, 2009
a. replaces shit in all contexts
b. the coolest
can be used either positively or negatively
a. balls on that shizz, let's bounce
b. beth, you are the shizz
by StefNE2983 May 13, 2003
A Cool Way To Say Shit....Saying Something Is cool, Or If You Get In Trouble...Or Your Property
Yo You Heard That New Song From Ciara That is the shizz!!!
Shizz MAN! my mom found my report card...shes gonna whip me!
MAn That Always Happens To My glad i got insurance
by Nat Dizzle February 08, 2006
another way to say 'shit' as in 'stuff', not actual poop.
"I'm just listening to music, watching tv, and shizz."
by SoStarstruckk July 19, 2009
Used as a noun.
Derived from the word Shizzle but shortened
Used to describe something as being really good
"Oh that gig last night was the shizz"
"Chocolate is the shizz"
by Gavin Murray June 15, 2007
A mixture of shit and jizz, usually used to "tube" someone.
Dude, did you see how much shizz came out of the sock when John was tubed?
by quackaddict October 23, 2009
A combination of the words shit and jizz.

Also a dance only known in the Louisville, Ky area.
Did you hear about Shizz? He robbed a drug dealer and got shot in the head. He's dancing in hell now.
by jessie74 March 25, 2011
Ugh! That couch has shizz on it.
by she_jizz July 01, 2013

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