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arabic name which means fragrance of a beautiful flower;

for shizzle;

for sure;

damn right.

name highly mistaken for German term "Shyza" which means shit.
Person 1: Ohhh Shizaaa, you look AMAZING!

Person 2: Damn, Thanks!
by wtx June 25, 2010
52 45
Derived from the German cuss word "Scheiße" meaning "shit".
You look like shiza! = You poor thing don't look so well... ;)
by Snoo October 01, 2005
219 98
A German cuss word meaning shit. To be used as an alternetive to saying shit
You damn Shiza! Why the hell did you do that?!
by Major Zero February 13, 2005
174 128
An alternate name for people trying to shorten their name. It derives from the German word for shit. In other words your name is shit.
Samantha changed her name to Sam. That's just shiza
by Dinkie doodle dandy April 11, 2011
9 23
shit, a la goldmember.
Shiza! i forgot to get someone to feed my dog when i went on vacation!
by anonymous March 13, 2003
11 31
Most assuredly not a German word, as asserted by the douchebags previous to me. Shiza, literally, means nothing in German, as in - of course - that it holds no meaning. Saying "shiza" to a German person will warrant you an odd look, and possibly an insult.
(Dip shit) SHIZA! SHIZA!

(Reasonable person) Shut up, fucktard; that's not an actual word in any language, at least not in the context in which you use it.

(Dip shit) Yes it is! It's German!

(Reasonable Person) Sigh, there's no point in trying to persuade you.
by Amerikaner October 19, 2006
59 82
Pronounced shy-za meaning shit
wat it dookie my ninja dem whistlen tips right thur iz tha shiza
by HYPNATIK July 03, 2006
34 57