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Def 1. A funny way to describe needing to take a big giant shit.

Def 2. another way to give a cleveland steamer where you take a crap on someones chest then tap dance on it while singing a Liza Minelli song (fan fav for seniors without heart conditions).
I need to rock a Shiza Minnelli" or "it smells like someone Shiza Minelli'd in here" or "I brought back that girl from the bar and gave her a Shiza Minelli
by Duckslayer11 October 08, 2010
To show utter and definitive disappointment in a manner that doesn't involve swearing directly.
by Busty Subtle Junk July 08, 2011
A lethargic expression of dismay.
Andre: Hey I heard that donut prices are going up.

Marco: Shiza Minnelli...
by sabes459 May 12, 2011