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The weeds that result from the planting of shit seeds.
Person #1: I've said it before and I'll say it again, when you plant shit seeds you get

Person #2: Shit weeds?

Person #1: Shit weeds, right Randy.
by Mr. Leahy January 26, 2010
6 1
On the farm, sometimes, weeds will sprout out of cow patties. They are called "shitweeds". The term is also used for a person who is miserably disagreeable, an asshole or a jerk, but has a greater depth of meaning. It represents someone who is bad and worthless (like a weed) who was spawned by something equally worthless (like shit). A person who is a "shitweed" is similar to white trash, a low and base person raised by low and base people.
Man #1: "Did you meet Joan's new boyfriend?"

Man #2: "Yeah, he's a piece of work, isn't he?"

Man #1: "I know him and his family, they are all garbage. The guy is a real shitweed!"
by Juderunner July 26, 2008
6 0
Cannabis which is home grown but yet when you smoke it all you can taste is dirt.
1) "Dammit Allen, you bought shit weed again."

2) If I wanted to smoke dirt, I would of smoked dirt! This shit weed sucks!
by silentjoe93 May 05, 2010
9 5