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Typically a very "trashy" teenager who partakes in consuming alcohol and drugs, most often in risky situations with a high probability of police interference. Shitty kids are going nowhere in life, and most often know it. Destined to become trailer trash, the typical shitty kid has already proven that they are too cool for school by, well, not going anymore. Having a job disqualifies you from shitty kid status. Being pregnant however, most definitely elevates you straight from typical-party-teenager to shitty kid.
That party is going to get busted, I heard it's put on by shitty kids.
by Urbanwords101 April 25, 2010
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a kid who resides (or claims to) in a city; usually characterized by pale skin, tattoos, dyed black choppy hair and girls jeans, a can of PBR, and bike;
I almost hit one of those shitty kids on his fixy bike on Boulevard. Why do they all look the same?
by Ha804 May 21, 2009
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