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A server that crashes 2 times in the 2 days that you have been on it, particularly because it is hosted in a foreign country, and is run on a 2-bit server. Often populated with trolls on various chat boxes on the site, this kind of server is for that one person with less life than those that spend hours pouring over a game as they spend hours waiting for the game to come back online so they can spend hours pouring over it.
eg.:Man 1:Hey man I just joined this new server 2 days ago
Man 2: Yeah? Is it any good?
Man 1: Nah, it sux balls, it's this AuraSEA bull shit it's crashed twice in 2 days and the owner is the only guy who can restart it, but he's on vacation. I hate using a shitty MS Private server
Man 2: Damn that sux
Man 1: Yeah, and they left their donation open, like I'm donating to a server that can't stay on!
by Rawrzdsiasad August 08, 2011

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