More than one piece of shit, such as low quality projects, etc.
I'm working on some shittle.
by Kohle February 12, 2012
Top Definition
Pacific northwest city, located at and around; Latitude: 47° 37.216' N, Longitude: 122° 19.75' W.

see also 'Seattle.'
man, the drive to shittle sucks.
by GreenEyedDevil May 10, 2008
Primary cause of halitosis.
Woah, Rich, your breath stinks. What have you been eating, shittles?
by orleansperish October 31, 2007
1. Little pieces of shit that get stuck in people with hairy asses.
2. Expletive used to denounce a practice or express agahst disbelief about a particular situation.
3. Dickhead, fucker, etc.
1. My ass - heavenly haven of shittles. Taste it!
2. Shittles, the professor just shitted all over my Calc test with a red pen.
3. Monseiur shittles is at it again, willing to fuck up my day.
by Alsir November 25, 2004
little pieces of shit that melt in ur mouth, not in ur hand
Shittles!, taste the ass
by Anonymous October 25, 2003
When you eat Skittles out of an anus
One time I did shittles but I have to do it again to really know how I feel about it.
by cambronshinn February 19, 2013
Small lumps of shit that stick to your arse pubes, like Skittles in shape, but invariably made of shite
I nearly tore myself a new one trying to get those shittles off my arse
by sNoWy1998 December 01, 2005
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