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A shitepoke, (also sometimes called a shidepoke), is a Green-backed Heron. Other names include Little Heron and Striated Heron.
"The green-backed heron (Butorides striatus) is commonly known by it's Salish name, "shitepoke."
Look at that Shitpoke cruising in the sand dunes.
by Gay Corrector September 24, 2008
when your banging your woman so hard that your dick slips out of her pussy and it pokes her in the ass and you both yell SHIT because it hurt her ass and bent your cock
by Thad December 23, 2002
A shitpoke is NOT a homosexual by definition, but of course CAN be one (as in Brokeback Mountain.) A shitpoke is a cross between a shit-kicker and a cowpoke, and a complete asshole.
Ha, Earl is one serious shitpoke. He wears that big belt buckle and brass spurs, but his boots are covered in six inches of dried, sick-smelling hog shit.
by Burning_Daylight March 29, 2011
Faggot, homosexual, butt pirate, queer, etc. a man who pokes another man's shit.

Great way to question someone's sexuality, with a little old west flair.

This is the correct definition for this term, the other one is a weak imitation.

I personally invented this word back in 2000
Jim McGreevy loves the hairy man ass. He's a real shitpoke.
by Jefferson Darcy October 08, 2004
the act of poking someone while making the sound of shit.
Damn, Alex got shitpoked in his eye.
by Fuck you February 21, 2003
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