1) The act of getting fucked in the ass and then giving a blow job.

2) Eating out an asshole.
Damn, Taylor is a real Shit Lips!
by lolllllllllllllll July 27, 2007
1) Affectionate term for a fuck buddy who gives good rimjobs

2) 24 hour dial up service provider for poor college girls to earn money by licking ass.
1) "do we get to meet your new girlfriend tonight"
"yeah she'll be here in a minute, I can't wait, she gives good rimjobs. There she is... HEY SHIT LIPS, OVER HERE!!"

2) Courtney: so I got this new job, licking ass, I work from home and I love it! Am I bad coz I like the taste of guys ass sweat?
Mike, Andreas, Tommy and Drew (in unison): YOU FUCKING SLUT! SUCK US ALL OFF, SHIT LIPS!!!
by skumliterati March 11, 2015
someone with extremely bad breath. As though they guzzled a gallon of shit and didnt wipe their face after.
Hey shitlips! You ever heard of mouthwash? Your breath makes me wish i could cut my nose off! What the fuck happened to you that was so bad you wanted to unleash such haneous violence on the world!
by akharmuntry July 05, 2014
A person who has had a fat Italian man's asshole rubbed upon their lips while asleep/high on shrooms.
Nick - "Why do my lips taste like shit?"

Other Guy - "Thats cause mike put his asshole on your lips last night, you dirty Shit-lips"
by Alex bromang March 24, 2008
(verb) the act of putting fecal turd matter on one's finger while friends are getting victom to smile. Once victim is smiling the shit lipper wipes the turd matter on the victim's teeth.
Dave totally gave me a "shit lip" in the locker room. I need to get this shit off my teeth.
by Chad Morrison August 08, 2006
a shit lip is a person with a dodgy lip. it may be very spotty or swolen up. or you may have a desease called poloitus
sam: wow tom jowit has a right shit lip
denny:yeah i know hes just like mr parkinson
sam:what a cunt
by samuelhughes June 28, 2009
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