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(verb) the act of putting fecal turd matter on one's finger while friends are getting victom to smile. Once victim is smiling the shit lipper wipes the turd matter on the victim's teeth.
Dave totally gave me a "shit lip" in the locker room. I need to get this shit off my teeth.
by Chad Morrison August 08, 2006
11 15
A person who tends to talk about things without knowledge, and usually incorrectly (i.e. talks out of their ass), or generally speaking, an idiot.
"Nice try, shitlips. Too bad Jackie Wilson sings that song."
by Colinito October 19, 2006
47 4
Someone who provides oral stimulation to anothers anus.
Someone who tongues bum.
by Ian April 09, 2003
42 17
A jive talk'n person who continuously talks crap and has to over compensate for there severe lack of personality by constantly streaming verbal bullshit to all those they meet, this person has "Shit Lips"
"My boss told me i was going to get a raise and promotion this year" This guy has total "Shit Lips"
by Richard Rogers March 22, 2008
27 9
1. a bizzarre sexual practice involving smearing shit on your partner's top lip after anal sex, see dirty sanchez
2. same as above, but done as a practical joke, usually whilst someone is sleeping/passed out etc. turd applied may or may not be human. the person wakes up to a most fragrant aroma.
slimy perv: fancy a shitlip tonight?
your daughter: okay!!!

Matt: haha look we just totally shitlipped joey with that dog crap we found outside!
joey: what..uh..how long was i out for? and uh, whats that smell?
by Stephizzal August 12, 2005
20 5
Is a person who has a thin mustache on his upper lip looking somewhat like a dirty sanchez.
Marcel has a REALLY bad shit lip.
by vickie June 08, 2004
18 8
1) The act of getting fucked in the ass and then giving a blow job.

2) Eating out an asshole.
Damn, Taylor is a real Shit Lips!
by lolllllllllllllll July 27, 2007
20 11
Name for a foul-mouthed person
'Shitlips' over there uses such bad language!
by Tom C January 10, 2006
20 12