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The act of using Facebook while intoxicated. May or may not include confessions of undying love to friends, ex's, or total strangers. Grammar and logic will likely be poor. Similar to a drunk dial.
Chris - "Dude, you left 11 incoherent wall posts on my profile last night. What the fuck?"

Spencer - "What? No, I didn't! Oh, wait...yeah, I was shitfacedbooking."

Chris - "You fuckass."
by stacks121 December 09, 2006
Facebooking while drunk. Kind of like drunk dialing, but lonelier.
"I did some shitfacedbooking last night and may have lost a few friends."
by TCPDX September 02, 2009
The act of posting, messaging, uploading, mobile uploading etc... on ones social networking site when one is butt ass hammered and regretting it in the morning.
Katie is super hungover, and frantically deleting shit on her laptop... Apparently she was shit-faced booking again last night.
by zigler March 16, 2010