Incredibly shitty internets. Like trying to play an MMORPG over Dial-Up. Yeah, that bad.
Holy fuck, these shiternets suck. My torrent is getting like, 2 kbps. Fuck this. I might as well tether from my iPhone. My FIRST GEN iPhone.
by Stropko June 02, 2010
Top Definition
When you have a shitty internet connection. Mostly occurs at Lycoming college.
-Dude why is youtube not loading? I wanna show you this video.

- Sorry man we have shiternet here at school. Sucks...
by metalmilitia1 January 12, 2010
When the quality of ones internet connection is terribad.
Person 1: Why you got so much lag today...

Person 2: It's my Shiternet
by Pope Barry XVII October 02, 2007
A crappy internet connection, slow, bad, faulty, inconsistent, etc.
Man that guy keeps disconnecting and has such slow downloads, the shiternet is obviously there
by Teh_Muffinatorz December 03, 2009
When you have the shittiest internet possible
Matt: Why is it taking so long to download this damn file
Jerry: Sorry man, I have shiternet.
Matt: Oh, right.
by Shitty Internet August 05, 2014
Internet service that is below 2mps
Paul - "Did you watch Game of Thrones last night"
Dave - "No, it kept glitching because of my Shiternet!"
by Tee Roy Boogie Town Browne April 21, 2015
Really bad or slow internet.
That guy has Shiternet or His Shiternet made him lose the game.
by Mr Popolis April 07, 2015
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