When the quality of ones internet connection is terribad.
Person 1: Why you got so much lag today...

Person 2: It's my Shiternet
by Pope Barry XVII October 02, 2007
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When you have a shitty internet connection. Mostly occurs at Lycoming college.
-Dude why is youtube not loading? I wanna show you this video.

- Sorry man we have shiternet here at school. Sucks...
by metalmilitia1 January 12, 2010
Incredibly shitty internets. Like trying to play an MMORPG over Dial-Up. Yeah, that bad.
Holy fuck, these shiternets suck. My torrent is getting like, 2 kbps. Fuck this. I might as well tether from my iPhone. My FIRST GEN iPhone.
by Stropko June 02, 2010
A crappy internet connection, slow, bad, faulty, inconsistent, etc.
Man that guy keeps disconnecting and has such slow downloads, the shiternet is obviously there
by Teh_Muffinatorz December 03, 2009
When you have the shittiest internet possible
Matt: Why is it taking so long to download this damn file
Jerry: Sorry man, I have shiternet.
Matt: Oh, right.
by Shitty Internet August 05, 2014

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