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a very shitty town in Ontario, Canada. Nickname for whitby, aka whiteby. There is nothing to do in shitby because the town is so small and full of preps and old people. Nothing happens in shitby...and I mean, absolutely nothing....
Man, we gotta get the hell out of shitby soon before I start to go insane
by brokenpromiseland January 16, 2011
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A word that describes a small town in Picturesque North Yorkshire called Whitby but because it is shit we call it shit-by. hahahaha not even funny
"shall we go to Shitby to watch the Morris dancers?"

"Mummy, why have the letters W-h-i-t been taken out of the road sign and s-h-i-t been put there instead?"
by RoKon2k7 September 21, 2007
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A small city in Ontario, Canada.
Let's go to Shitby and have some beers!!
by Booger420 September 23, 2009
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a small hick town in northern ontario the size of an ant colony
"i met this chick from shitby, she's pretty cute but man shitby is shitty"
by Cpt.Underpants October 14, 2012
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When your shit is as big as a baby.
Pooby/Poopby - if you'd rather say poop instead of shit
"Aw man, i just had a shitby in there!"
"Ew gross dude!"
by Lucielocket October 07, 2013
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